John Maher January 22, 2010 Announcements

Q: Are the books that you can download to your iPod Touch audible like the Reading A to Z website?

A: Not at this time. The books you're referring to are part of Learning A-Z's "RAZ Kids" line. We are in negotiations with Learning A-Z to make that content available on the iPod touch. We're also looking at making support materials available for teachers in the Library applications.

What is in this first release are a selection of their most popular print titles by level. The next phase is to have in-line supplementary materials, which will take the form of vocabulary pop-ups. These are being submitted to Apple for approval as we speak: All of the apps currently available should be upgraded to include this by the end of the month.

After that, we'll be putting the K-Z titles up, so we'll have 10 titles for sale at each level, both individually and part of a library collection, and 1 free sample title for each level.

Which brings me to my last point: There is a free sample application for each level currently available on the iTunes store -- levels aa-J. Feel free to download them and take a look. As we add more functionality, you will get an update notification, so you can see how the applications are developing.

I hope that helps.

John Maher January 3, 2010 Announcements

Welcome to the ReadSmart Support Portal.

We've put this portal up in order to provide more information on the ReadSmart technology suite, and to provide support for the ReadSmart Edition™ application suite for the iPhone and iPod touch.

Thanks for stopping by!